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Whether you’re a CIO or an Operations Manager, we’ll ensure your organization’s compliance with cybersecurity regulations

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Chief Information Officers (CIOs)

Today’s CIOs are often tasked with a dual role of being the traditional CIO responsible for the overall, broader strategic use and management of an organization’s IT infrastructure – in conjunction with defining the roadmap/blueprint for the implementation and utilization of IT systems and components. They now are also finding themselves fulfilling the role of a CISO responsible for the securing of all company data and systems, while aligning the cybersecurity policies and privacy practices with the company’s goals and risk tolerances. This is a daunting task and often unrealistic given the day-to-day IT operations management oversight activities CIOs are commonly responsible for.

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With Securus’ help you can:

The Securus Complete Managed Security and Compliance Service (MSCS) can help CIOs in their efforts to effectively “straddle” and deliver in today’s dual role of CIO and a CISO. Securus vSCO’s will work with you and assist in making sound decisions where those decisions impact IT investment, financial risk, the organizations IT systems, and overall IT cybersecurity and compliance posture.

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IT Managers

More and more each day IT Directors and Managers are finding themselves tasked with cybersecurity compliance responsibilities and are expected to identify, understand, and then implement cybersecurity compliance frameworks, and regulatory compliance standards. Often times more than just one framework or standard may apply to the organization. These tasks are usually not in alignment with the IT Director or Manager’s core focus; keeping the IT infrastructure healthy, fully operational, and secure.

With Securus’ help you can:

Securus effectively navigates our clients’ organizational IT support relationships to the benefit of the clients we serve on a daily basis. We do this by keeping the organizations cybersecurity posture, corporate well-being, data privacy, and regulatory compliance exposure as the focus while we navigate those objectives together. We understand the complexities and unique challenges associated with implementing cybersecurity governance and compliance, and sometimes, the not-so-unique challenges, common among many organizations.

Business Administrators

Managing cybersecurity compliance can be a serious headache. Administrators of all designations (Practice, Office, Executive) are often forced to wear many hats through their day-to-day work responsibilities. Given this level of complication, cybersecurity compliance-related tasks can be pushed to the side at times. We usually find the ongoing cybersecurity and data privacy effort on the Administrators desk next to the other stacks of papers and brochures, somewhere towards the bottom. This doesn’t in any way mean they find the task any less important, it is more often a case of just not knowing where to start.

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With Securus’ help you can:

If you know anything about cybersecurity or regulatory related compliance, “not knowing where to start” is completely understandable! It doesn’t matter if your organization is trying to comply with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CMMC, GLBA, or any other regulatory requirement; it is a daunting task.
Not to mention figuring out which regulations you need to comply with. The Securus Complete Managed Security and Compliance Service will help you do all that and so much more; you shouldn’t be losing sleep worried about the compliance risk exposure to the organization or practice you work so hard for. We simplify compliance.

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Operations Managers

Operations Managers typically oversee the “big picture” in their organizations. Responsibilities can include managing processes, purchasing, accounting, human resources, inventory, and IT. Now, like many organizational roles, they find themselves responsible for cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance. What they aren’t provided with as they take on this new role is the people, process, and technology to do it effectively.

With Securus’ help you can:

If you are an Operations Manager who has found themselves responsible for the securing of all company data and systems, aligning the cybersecurity policies and privacy practices with the company’s goals and risk tolerances; AND doing the Operations Manager role you were hired for. Let the Securus Complete Managed Security and Compliance Service simplify your organizations cybersecurity and privacy compliance objectives, so you can get back to focusing on the organizations “big picture”.