Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance Assessments

Assess the dangers, improve defenses, achieve compliance

To prevent cyberattacks against your organization, you must know where the attacks will come from. Securus Consulting Group’s Virtual Security Compliance Officers (vSCO) utilize their extensive experience and modern auditing technologies to identify risks and gaps in your business’s cybersecurity posture. We then take a top-down approach to remediate any vulnerabilities and help develop a culture of vigilance and compliance throughout your entire organization.

Securus Consulting Group’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessments can be performed as a one-time engagement or done annually as part of our Managed Security and Compliance Service (MSCS) offering.

Securus Consulting Group’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessments include:

Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Let Securus Consulting Group conduct a thorough cybersecurity risk and compliance assessment for your business, and get actionable information and a meaningful management plan to improve the alignment between your security and compliance objectives.


How will Securus help you build a rock-solid cybersecurity compliance program?

We’ll handle every aspect of your organization’s cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance needs through our comprehensive suite of services. From managed security and compliance services to cybersecurity risk and compliance assessments, we’ll partner with you every step of the way.