Cybersecurity Compliance Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Maintain HIPAA and MIPS compliance requirements with up-to-date cybersecurity solutions for your healthcare practice

Federal and State Governments continue to develop and enhance regulations affecting healthcare; HIPAA serves as the primary regulatory healthcare framework in the United States. Protection of ePHI is critical for both compliance and patient care reasons. The amount and type of data most providers store include personal financial information, human resources data from current and former employees, and various forms of patient health data. Healthcare organizations must be able to achieve and demonstrate compliance with multiple regulations and standards yet often lack the resources necessary to navigate HIPAA compliance requirements and then find the time to prepare extensive security risk assessment reports.

Healthcare providers, office managers, and administrators find themselves more and more involved in the day to day business operations functions of their practices; leaving less time to focus on cyber security threats and maintaining HIPAA, MIPS and other regulatory compliance requirements. This lack of focus can result in unforeseen risks that could prove to be costly to the practice in a number of ways. The Securus Complete HIPAA Managed Security and Compliance Service could be the solution your practice has been looking for and a better nights sleep.

Securus Consulting Group keeps your healthcare practice’s cybersecurity in line with compliance requirements by delivering:


In an increasingly regulated industry, how do you contain costs while maintaining the highest patient care standards, ensuring that data is protected, and making certain you are not leaving yourself vulnerable to fines? We’ll show you, free of charge.