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Professional cybersecurity consulting services that keep your business data safe

Cyberattacks on SMBs have only gotten more sophisticated and more frequent. If your business doesn’t have strong cybersecurity protocols, these threats might result in data theft, financial losses, and much more. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, why not eliminate your security weaknesses once and for all?

By partnering with Securus Consulting Group, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and experience of a professional cybersecurity company that will implement the cybersecurity solutions you need to stay safe. With our experts managing your cybersecurity, you won’t ever have to worry about cyberattacks crippling your business in the future.

Why choose Securus as your cybersecurity company in San Diego?

At Securus Consulting Group, our mission is to provide the people, processes, and technologies that enable our clients to implement governance, reduce risk, and simplify compliance so that their non-public data is continually protected and their awareness of security issues is heightened.

We are dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of our clients and their confidential information and assets, and do so by carefully considering, understanding, and managing risk.

Effective cybersecurity consulting services that help you achieve compliance quickly

Comprehensive managed cybersecurity services that address every aspect of IT and data security

Professional cyber risk assessments that pinpoint all your security vulnerabilities

Holistic employee cybersecurity training programs to prepare your organization against social engineering attacks

How will Securus help you build rock-solid cybersecurity protocols?

We’ll handle every aspect of your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance needs through our comprehensive suite of services

Frequently Asked Questions

Cybersecurity is an extremely complicated area of specialization within IT and it requires a lot of expertise. Without the right cybersecurity solutions, your organization could suffer from a fatal cyberattack. That’s why Securus offer Managed Security Services that comprehensively address all your cybersecurity needs. These outsourced cybersecurity compliance services are very cost-effective and they provide essential safeguards for your business data.

In-house IT departments are excellent for managing your day-to-day technology needs but it is very unlikely that your team has cybersecurity experts who can properly assess, implement, and manage the necessary security and compliance solutions to keep your data safe. Our team of cybersecurity experts will work solely on cybersecurity and compliance tasks ranging from employee security training to compliance requirements, so your IT department can focus on other aspects of your IT operations.

Cybersecurity compliance is one of our specialties and we are well-versed in numerous compliance standards. We will assess your systems through a battery of vulnerability tests and compliance assessments. Once we know where your IT stands, we will suggest and implement IT solutions that address your vulnerabilities and prepare your IT infrastructure for regulatory assessment. 

As part of our Managed Security services, we will monitor your IT in real time and deal with threats and attacks accordingly. Our team is also proactively scanning the dark web for any data that might be linked to your organization and we’ll do our best to mitigate these threats before they even arise.

Social engineering or targeting your employees’ behavior is one of the most common methods to breach an IT network. Most of this is due to the individual employee’s lack of knowledge or awareness in terms of IT security. By educating all your employees through our training programs, you minimize the likelihood of social engineering attacks and arm your employees with important security knowledge to keep your company safe.

Learn more about how our cybersecurity consulting services will help your organization meet regulatory compliance standards.

Securus’ San Diego team is happy to discuss your cybersecurity objectives — just get in touch with us.

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