Implement Governance. Reduce Risk. Simplify Compliance.

Make cyberattacks and cybersecurity compliance issues a thing of the past with expert guidance from Securus

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We make sure you are safe from cyberthreats while satisfying your cybersecurity compliance objectives

Many business owners often assume that their IT networks are secure simply because they have “the best” cybersecurity technology, vendors, and equipment in place. But security does not always equate to compliance with government regulations or other regulatory requirements.

When you choose to work with Securus Consulting Group, you choose to work with a partner who fully understands both cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance, and how much your business relies on them. Our virtual Security Compliance Officers (vSCO) apply technologies and processes to identify potential risks and gaps in your network security and cybersecurity compliance obligations, then develop a plan to help you adopt and implement a culture of compliance throughout your entire organization. With Securus by your side, you can grow your business confidently, knowing that your data is continually protected and your organization stays in alignment with its cybersecurity compliance responsibilities.

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Do these struggles sound familiar?

How will Securus help you build a rock-solid cybersecurity compliance program?

We’ll handle every aspect of your organization’s cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance needs through our comprehensive suite of services. From managed security and compliance services to cybersecurity risk and compliance assessments, we’ll partner with you every step of the way.

A three-step plan to a more secure and compliant business



Our virtual Security Compliance Officer (vSCO) can reach the leaders within your organization and help them understand your unique security and compliance requirements. It is only by fully comprehending why security and compliance are so crucial to today’s businesses that you can move toward a solution.


Let our qualified vSCO assess your current security posture so you know exactly what work needs to be done to achieve a truly secure and compliant business. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to risk and heavy government or industry-specific fines.


We will devise, develop, and deploy services and processes that enable your company to move forward in a positive fashion by ensuring that you are effectively strengthening your IT network security defenses and adhering to the specific regulations that businesses in your specific industry face.