Security and Risk Assessments

Assess the danger and take steps to improve

Securus Consulting Group’s virtual Security Compliance Officers (vSCO) apply technologies and processes to identify risk and gaps in your business's security then take a top down approach to develop a culture of compliance throughout your entire organization.

This dedicated resource provides ongoing support to your business as opposed to a one-time engagement which means any understanding of your organization's history is lost.

Securus Consulting Group offer security and risk assessments for the following areas:

  • HIPAA assessments for medical practices and other healthcare providers
  • FFIEC/GLBA assessments for banks and other financial institutions
  • Security assessments for mobile devices

Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Let Securus Consulting Group conduct a thorough security and risk assessment for your business so that you have a solid foundation to build a more secure organization on.

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